Partner Relationship Therapy (PRT)

Who is Partner-Relationship Therapy for?

In any (long-term) relationship, frictions can eventually arise.

However, in case of relationship problems, it is not always the case that the relationship is not good in the basic. Problems can also arise in good, loving relationships. These problems can be expressed in, for example,:

  • poor communication
  • lack of intimacy or little sex
  • power struggle
  • frequent quarrels
  • shut you down and withdraw
  • disinterest in the other, falling in love or cheating

Relationship problems are a good starting point to improve your relationship and develop yourself.

PRT looks at the underlying patterns in the relationship that are causing problems:

  • What are the emotional responses you have in the dynamic?
  • How did these come about from your individual history?
  • What do you need to open up to the other person?

It is often not about the subjects that are raised, but more about underlying desires that are not fulfilled and the feelings of loneliness and frustration that go with it.

A good starting point for PRT is a loving basis, with a willingness to listen to each other, without judgment, without recriminations.

I can help you re-establish communication and explore how to re-establish a sense of love and connection.

Again, the sooner you ring the bell, the better I can help you.

How does it work?

The first step at PRT is an introductory meeting, in which we investigate what your request for help is. Then we’ll see how I can best help you. The talks usually take place once every two weeks. In between conversations there is room to practice at home with the commandments. The duration of a PRT route varies by torque, but you can assume at least 6-8 calls. Awareness and breaking existing patterns takes time.