Methods used

Cognitieve therapie

Cognitive therapy is a method of treatment in which the cognitions of the client’s thoughts are central. By reversing negative thoughts and labelling situations differently, there is room for a healthier view of feelings and perception.


Mindfulness is a form of meditation that originates in the Buddhist tradition. It is not a way to distance itself from reality, but rather a way to return to reality.

When you live in attention without judgment, you are in harmony with yourself, your environment and with what you are doing.

Meditation has many forms (focused on breathing, with music, in silence), but in general all forms are based on techniques to open you up and become aware of the present moment.

Meditation is almost indispensable in a healthy life.


EMDR -Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing- is a therapy for people who continue to suffer from shocking events in their lives. This can be a traffic accident, but also a crime or other damaging experiences from your life.

EMDR has proven to be a proven effective method and applicable to a variety of complaints. It works quickly and is therefore often a short-term form of therapy.

Want to know more about EMDR? Then read on on my blog page.


EFT-Emotionally Focused Therapy- is a form of relationship therapy. The basis is the attachment therapy and the starting point is that people can cope more in life if they are lovingly connected to another.

EFT is well researched and proven effective. In the sessions you will learn to better see what happens during conflicts and difficult situations. From there you can start communicating what you feel and what your desire actually is. This provides a solid foundation for the relationship.


System theory assumes that a person can best be understood in the context of his or her relationships. Complaints are not isolated either; there are all kinds of environmental factors at play.

In therapy, a lot of attention is paid to underlying interaction patterns and their improvement.

Mindful Analysis

Mindful Analysis (MA) is a form of writing therapy that takes place via email contact. It takes a week in total. You write down what you keep busy and what things you want to change in your life.

There is all the attention to yourself and through the relaxation and rest during writing a situation of consciousness arises, in which you learn to see things as they are.

You will be guided in your self-examination during writing. Gradually you take stock and start setting new goals. Ultimately, we are working on the steps that you can take at this time to change your situation.

After a week you will continue with more insight and with a clear plan and concrete handles.


In support of therapy or coaching, I offer the possibility to prepare and/or practice at home. a link to Therapy Land.

This is an online platform with different programs that you can participate in. These programs complement and not replace calls.

It is also possible to do one or more sessions online via image calling. This also goes through Therapieland and is possible to supplement or replace face-to-face conversations.